Eric Waterfield

About Eric Waterfield...
  • Born 23 March 1931, Rotherham Yorkshire, (near Sheffield) England
  • 1945,  age 14, began work at Robert Jenkins Boiler and Pressure Vessel Company, Rotherham. "School" one day paid, two evenings a week
  • April 1949, Enlisted in army, Royal Engineers, "welding" in addition to military duties,
  • Service in Kenya, Egypt, Malta, Australia, (Atomic bomb test 1952) Sudan, Ceylon, Aden. HM Ships (LST'S Narvic and Zebruggie)
  • 1954,Tarslag company, fabrication, installation,and welding
  • 1956,  National Coal Board ,fabricating and repair of deep mine equipment
  • Rotherham College of Technology 1957 to 1961, completed advanced levels in welding technology, welding science, welding metallurgy
  • British Steel (Park Gate Forge and Rolling mills), maintenance welder, fabricating steel making equipment
  • 1965 Leeds, England, Dominion Bridge, to work in their plant in Vancouver BC
  • SMAW DP3, DP2, DP1, and GMA DP5OFGW DPW4 and several other tests for TIGW Aluminum, Stainless steel. Low Alloy steel. Pipeline (gas and oil) Alberta B
  • Plumbers and pipe fitters union, Rig welder.
  • Pipe line, pulp mills, chemical plants, high-rise buildings, oil refineries
  • 1972 , Instructing welding in mines pulp mills, Cominco , Aluminum boats and ships,  Setting and qualifying procedures for welding aluminum pipe ( PWP13) Instructing Aluminum Pipe, welding to code "ex-ray standard
  • 1974 BCVI, alias PVI, now BCIT, welding instructor (Retired from BCIT in 1996)
  • Canadian Welding Development Institute exam
  • 1996 (post-retirement) part time instructor KwantlenCollege; part-time instructor UFV
  • How old am I? Do the math! I am still a paid up member of local 170 Pipe Fitters