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Vocational colleges exist to dispense knowledge required by craftsmen of all types, usually for a substantial fee paid by students and government. Societies such as AWS also exist to share information but often at minimal cost. Both colleges and trade societies contribute to the continued enhancement and the knowledge available to craftspeople and to the progressive advance of industry. In a world that is becoming more and more competitive it is vital that a nation stay ahead in this race, or at least keep up with all the other winners. Welding is a major player in the success of not only corporations, but on a national scale; this is why governments contribute so much to its instruction. After all, there are few industries that do not depend on welding in one form or another.
Vocational institutes may teach todays technology that is soon to be yesterdays history unless these institutes keep abreast of the rapid developments in industry. AWS is a cheap and very effective means of keeping up with unfolding technology, and the synergy born from the connection of the American welding institute, welding schools and organizations will produce far better informed and skilled crafts people than either one acting alone.
It is hard to imagine a deeper well of information about welding than that made available by an AWS Corporate sponsorship. It is an investment that provides dynamic growth through networking with over 63000 members worldwide. Colleges owe the added knowledge available to its students by exposure to progressive technology happening in the world. New technology is available to them as it arises, through societies such as AWS. Corporations can benefit in the same economical way. Corporate investment by sponsorship will in all probability pay large dividends.
In my humble opinion, trade schools measure success not so much by filling classrooms with students, but more by the quality of the students it produces. AWS can greatly assist in this quest.

Eric Waterfield

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