Dr. Reza Tavakoli (P.Eng.)
has extensive experience in technology development, management, marketing and sales. He has played a leading role in a variety of large scale industrial/EPC projects, and is currently the president of Avestec, a tech robotic company that is developing intelligent robots for asset inspection in oil & gas, mining, clean energy and many more industries.  

 Robotic Aerial Inspection
Avestec is a BC-based tech company offering an innovative robotic technology for inspection of hazardous spaces for various industries. Conventional inspection methods can be expensive and time consuming. Avestec offers “Robotic Aerial Inspection” as a revolutionary approach which enables accurate surface inspection to fulfill mandatory API inspection standards. Inspection is implemented by a unique proprietary flying robot which accurately attaches to the target surface in order to execute Non-Destructive-Testing (NDT) inspection.

A new solution for Asset inspection to fulfill API standards
  • Safe     
  • Accurate    
  • Time Efficient    
  • Cost Effective

  • Visual Inspection (crack detection/crack measurement)
  • Modular NDT sensors: 
  • Ultrasound thickness (UT) measurement with couplant gel
  • Surface cleaning
  • Coating sensor
  • Surface profilometry sensor
  • Tethered (unlimited flight time)
  • Data Analysis & Report Generation Software    

"robotic aerial inspection"